Alejandra Schrader on CBS' The Talk. March 2014
Alejandra Schrader on CBS’ The Talk. March 2014

Without any formal training, Alejandra embarked on a culinary journey filled with bold flavors, textures, and her love of global cuisine.  Her blog, Cook Global. Eat at Home! allowed her to share healthy recipes with followers and fellow foodies.  In 2011, she captured the hearts of MasterChef fans and left a career in real estate development to pursue her passion for healthy cooking.  Since then, Alejandra has been invited to do appearances and cooking segments on national television shows such as The Talk and Access Hollywood LIVE. Her recipes and interviews have been featured in renowned magazines like InTouch Weekly and new media outlets like Yahoo!

With her vibrant personality and genuine love for food, she has shared her kitchen tricks and delicious recipes in high-profile culinary festivals around the United States and traveled abroad for non-profit organizations to support the work of small farmers and to promote healthy eating, biodiversity, and sustainable farming practices. Alejandra’s recipes and interviews have also been featured in popular magazines like InTouch Weekly and Taste of Home.