Oxfam Campaign in Peru and Mistura 2013


Always an advocate of healthy eating and sustainable farming, Alejandra was very excited to have the opportunity to visit Lima, Peru, and to help promote the GROW campaign in Spanish, her native language. She was able to visit a soup kitchen in the south of Lima currently benefiting from Oxfam’s assistance and to learn how the campaign benefits some of the poorest people in the area.

Alejandra also made a couple of appearances at Mistura Peru 2013, the largest culinary festival of the region. She helped Oxfam’s stand at the festival and promoted the installation “The Art of Feeding” (El Arte de Alimentar) which aimed to educate people on what it takes to get food on the table–from tilling the land to transporting food, from cooking to highlighting the role of rural women.

Organic farmer in Peru

Alejandra also had the privilege to work with organic farmers and small producers, members of the National Association of Ecologic Producers and discussed opportunities for future collaborations. Alejandra understands her responsibility as a chef and public speaker and aims to help close the gap between producers and consumers.

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